Our Services

Site Survey

After the agreement procedure, professional survey team at JKAA gets coordinates of the land, profile of the site and the neighborhood features to understand the whereabouts and its dynamics. The detailed site survey report is shared with the architects for further advancement of the project.

Site Visit

Jamshaid Khan Architect & Associates have their own dedicated team who visit proposed sites in a professional way by making use of their expertise to develop the site and critically analyse the formulated design concepts.

Understanding the context of the site is very important in site-visit to develop sketches and geometrical compositions for the materialization of the concept.


After the concept has been derived following the site survey and visit, the development of horizontal and vertical functions comes into process. We meet the requirements of the client and the project with simple concept but mature detailing and when horizontal and vertical functionality becomes mature we present the rationale of the design to the client for understanding of the concept it’s functionality and synchrony with the context. so that they get clear conception of the work that is about to go into processing.

After finalization of design process, we issue working and submission drawings to ensure well-coordinated execution of the project. Our Inspection and coordination team vigilantly acts as a bridge between site supervisor, design team and the client eliminating any rare chances of miss communication. The team remains all eyes for the rectifications caused during the execution and updates management for the revised drawings well in time.


MEP, a short form for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, is one of the most important factors taken into account by an architectural firm.

At JKAA, we have an in-house team of top notch MEP engineers & associates who make sure of the quality of work in design and execution. All these engineers have an admirable exposure and experience of multiple projects.

Structural Design

Structure is the first layer in physical manifestation of the design; it lays the basis for construction without which there can never be a concrete building. Our structural engineers indulge in-depth research and development for the smooth transition from conceptualization to practicality.


At JKAA, user safety is our priority we make sure that international building codes (IBC) for firefighting plays a crucial part in our designs.

Our professionals are equipped with state of the art advanced technology to make our projects safe and secure from all sorts of hazards.

Architectural 3D Visualization

3Dimensional visualization is the latest innovation in architectural modelling and design. At JKAA, we use 3D visualizations to render building designs and surroundings in order to make the client virtually live through the experience of both indoor and outdoor living. The animation created allows the client to penetrate into the virtual world and witness what it would be like after the building has been constructed. They can do walk-throughs and view the building from any vantage point.

Interior Designing

To make our designs more intricate our interior designers collaborate with the client for their input incorporation keeping in view that our interior spaces are well-synchronized with the exterior.

Preparation of BOQs

At JKAA, while making BOQs, economic sustainability is kept into account on significant basis. Our BOQs consist of all the essential requirements for the building to go into construction. Moreover, our professional team of quality and quantity surveyors ensure that the precision of each entity is taken into account.

Project Management

Top Supervision:

Our assigned representative for the designated project visits the site on scheduled intervals to ensure smooth execution and functionality.

Detailed Supervision:

At JKAA, we have a dedicated team of experts that ensures the successful completion of the project as per our design. Our devoted site inspection team is well-coordinated with design department to make sure that the design is implemented as per scope, schedule and within the allocated budget.