Research and Insights

Research and Insights

At Jamshaid Khan Architect and Associates our innovative designs evolve through the process of developing and implementing new ideas incorporating sustainable technology trends.

Research and development at JKAA forms crucial part of our overall design proposal not only staying competitive with the market trends but also introducing cutting edge technology through implementation with our designs.

Our research and development department holds frequent workshops in cooperation with latest technology suppliers in market, the process keeps the design team updated to bring innovation and introduces new products and services through our designs.

Through R&D our design team can make informed decisions about material performance, adapting innovative sustainable measures focusing our energy efficiency and recyclability.

Our firm has the ability to design 5G enabled buildings, In architectural design process we make sure that construction should be automated and improved with artificial intelligence & virtual reality.

Our smart building systems gives the mobility of the features like automated terraces, diversification as per sun dials and many other options are the part and parcel of our services.