About company

Our Story

Jamshaid Khan Architect and Associates is a global studio for architecture, engineering and design, founded by Jamshaid Khan in 2007 with offices located in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. JKAA is a group of top notch architects, designers and professionals who have delivered Pakistan’s best and innovative architectural designs.

Entrepreneur, Mr Jamshaid Khan without any monetary backing started the journey self-reliantly from a single-room office. In the beginning he commenced with small-scale projects at breakeven/ very little profit and resultantly faced hardships to make his both ends meet but after 15 years of loyalty to the profession and passion to bring change to the society JKAA has set a precedent for contemporary architecture in Pakistan by designing an immense number of futuristic residential and commercial projects.

The principal objective of JKAA is uplifting the quality standards of the people’s life through architecture and by revolutionizing modern structures. Jamshaid Khan’s architectural projects have out casted previously established conventional ways of design and construction by giving a new array of alternate abstraction.


Bringing sustainability in architecture through tall buildings for the comfort, inculcation of values and provision of safe future to our upcoming generations.


Provision of learning platform to educate aspiring individuals and redefining the meaning of architecture by blending traditional ways with new techniques through philosophy of alternate abstractio justifiying time through context and technology.

Our Values

Jamshaid Khan envisions his studio as an institution rather than an architecture firm and aims to provide a learning platform to educate aspiring individuals. His ideology focuses on redefining the meaning of architecture by blending traditional ways with new techniques to serve the nation by performing community services and supporting aspiring students.

JKAA aims to provide world class architecture that adheres to international standards. The main objective of the system employed within the firm is provision of creative concepts and practical solutions through alternative abstraction. In all projects, JKAA goes beyond the standard solution and redefine traditional notions about architecture.