About CEO

About CEO

Born on 15 August 1976 in Rawalpindi, Jamshaid Khan paved his way through a meagre family income and lack of resources to become one of the most renowned architects in the world of buildings and concrete designs in Pakistan.

Inspired by his father to struggle and work hard, Jamshaid Khan began with a clean slate and did what any college student without a job does: he gave tuitions. However, he did not let his aesthetic abilities go to waste and indulged in furniture and automobile painting.

Jamshaid Khan made his both ends meet by pulling on his college fee through model making of architectural buildings.

After graduating with a degree in Architecture from the National College of Arts in 2005, Jamshaid Khan set forth to embark on his architectural journey.

Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences / Sustainable Architecture.

Jamshaid Khan aims to present innovative ideas by introducing design philosophy and alternative abstraction. To him design philosophy is the alternative abstraction because the great job is to bring balance in abstraction.

His designs are influenced by Nature and the harmony it carries within itself. Throughout his career he has looked up to the internationally known English architect, Norman Foster.

He believes in the perception that one needs to keep working hard, with honesty and consistency towards the achievement of goals and continue to set new targets to test one’s own abilities.

His hobbies include Writing, Reading, Painting, sketching & model making.

He established his company, Jamshaid Khan Architects and Associates on 03rd March 2007.