About company

Our Story

Jamshaid Khan Architects and Associates is a global studio for architecture, engineering and design, founded by Jamshaid Khan in 2007 with offices located in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. JKAA is a group of top notch architects, designers and professionals, who have delivered some of Pakistan’s best and innovative architectural designs.

The CEO of JKAA, Jamshaid Khan, started the company from a single-room office without a helping hand. In the beginning, Khan offered his services to low-income small-scale projects which generated little to no profit for the company. As a result, he struggled with utility bills and was unable to meet his everyday requirements.

Now, over 15 years later, JKAA has set a precedent for contemporary architecture in Pakistan by creating a number of futuristic residential and commercial projects. The objective of the firm is to build architecture that enhances the quality of people’s lives and revolutionizes modern structures. Without an exception, all of Jamshaid Khan’s architectural projects have altered previously established ways of design and construction.

Our Mission

The mission of JKAA is not just to create concrete buildings but to enhance quality of life for the people and communities. The firm strives to provide unique spatial experiences that are based on two fundamental principles: practicality and innovation in design.

Our Vision

Jamshaid Khan envisions his studio as a design institution rather than an architecture firm, and aims to provide a learning platform to educate aspiring individuals. His ideology focuses on redefining the meaning of architecture by blending traditional ways with new techniques.

JAs a young undergraduate student, Jamshaid Khan struggled to support himself through university which has inculcated a need within him to serve the nation by performing community services and supporting aspiring students.

Our Values

JKAA aims to provide world class architecture that adheres to international standards.

The main objective of the system employed within the firm is to provide the client with new, original concepts and practical solutions to their requirements. In all projects, JKAA endeavours to go beyond the standard solution and redefine traditional notions about architecture.